1. To register as an International/National Buyer, Applicant must fill up the Buyer Registration Form available at http://garvigurjari2018.com/form.php
  2. International Buyer Registration Form and National Buyer Registration Form should be submitted along with the scanned copy of passport and Aadhar Card respectively.
  3. Approval of International and National buyers will be subject to confirmation by the Screening Committee.
  4. Approved International Buyer and National Buyer are required to pay $300 and INR 5,000 respectively as a security deposit, which will be refunded upon successful completion of B2B meetings.
  5. The Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold Garvi Gurjari harmless against all claims, losses, damages and actions in relation to the online payment gateway.
  6. All payments will be processed on the basis of the information provided by you. Garvi Gurjari does not accept any liability if you make a mistake while completing a form or for any reason whatsoever.

In continuing to use this website, you indicate your acceptance of the terms and policies mentioned above.